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- BVI IBC Act, 1984
Plan for the Incorporation Think of a Company name, Authorised Share Capital, Directors, Shareholders, Shareholdings, etc.
Sign Services Agreement & Deposit Fees
Sign GIC Services Agreement
Deposit 100% fees
Check Proposed
GIC check the proposed company names. Result in
the next day
Verify Identities
GIC verify identifications and addresses
of the Directors and the Shareholders
*Incorporate GIC arrange for the incorporation. 3 working days to receive a copy of Certificate of Incorporation and 7 working days to receive the original company statutory records either in HK or SH
Sign and File Initial
Set Up Doc
All Directors and Shareholders to sign the initial set up
documents. GIC arrange for filing with BVI on the same day.
**Establish the Company Company is established and a complete Company Kit with Board Resolutions; M&A; Certificate of Incorporation; Registers; Share Certificates and Seal & Chop, etc. pass to the client. All outstanding fees shall be paid in full at this time
* If buying our shelf company, you may ignore this step.
** Company Secretary is responsible for keeping statutory records.
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